1. Can chip tuning damage car engine, clutch, gearbox etc.?

Professional chip tuning will not affect car mechanical units negatively. It is of particular importance to evaluate potential of the car and its technical conditions before starting programming works of chip tuning, in case of breakdowns, they shall be solved and only then it is possible to perform chip tuning. Advanced and original equipment is used in „X-TUNE ECU“ garage and each car is programmed individually. It allows meeting client‘s expectations and at the same time protect the car from too rapid deterioration of units.

2. Does the amount of exhaust gases increase after chip tuning?

No, the amount of exhaust gases does not increase and does not exceed the standards after professional chip tuning. Opacity increases after chip tuning only if a car has technical breakdowns or chip tuning was performed not professionally, but amateurishly.

3. Do chip tuning and other programming works performed prevent from successful technical inspection?

No, chip tuning does not have any negative results that could prevent from successful technical inspection.

4. What is the difference between chip tuning of Stages 1, 2 and 3?

Essentially, these concepts are rather freely interpreted, there are different opinions regarding them. Simply, they define the degree of car modification used to achieve chip tuning. It is generally agreed that Stage 1 is chip tuning when only car engine control unit is programmed. Stage 2 can be more serious chip tuning performed only by programming or with mechanical modifications of the main units being performed. Stage 3 is essential remake of mechanical car units seeking maximum results of chip tuning.

5. What is the difference between chip tuning and remap?

Basically, there is no difference, these are two concepts bearing the same meaning – chip tuning performed by programming car engine control unit.

6. What determines the price of chip tuning?

Firstly, it depends on the quality of services provided, equipment used, knowledge and experience obtained. Then – on the car model, engine, desired results etc.

7. Is it essential to eliminate ecological systems when performing chip tuning?

Certainly no, if there are no breakdowns. However, some models need to have DPF eliminated in order to reach the results of DPF.